Hi there!

No more excuses. Now undergoing major site revamp.

Thanks for dropping by my site. It is currently going under a total revamp, so please bear with me for all the rough edges here and there.

But no more excuses. It has been long been overdued. Previously, I am very reluctant and fearful to the idea of releasing something that is not pixel-perfect. I now know better, unicorn is a myth and pixel-perfect is a unicorn.

I will rebuild it with a renewed zeal. The goal is ship regularly instead of having it all figured out and perfect. It will be a work-in-progress(WIP) project.

This will be my personal journal on subjects that I care about and interested in. I now earn my living as a digital product designer so I will be posting my ideas, opinion and demos hoping to share the knowledge I found useful for the craft and hoping that it could be useful, one way or the other, to the members of the guild. It will be a learning lab to break things and try out experimental-stage stuff aiming to learn along the way.

It will also house my work portfolio showcasing most of my previous work.

Thanks again, please stay tuned and I’ll see you next time!

Hi there! was last updated on March 30, 2018